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What We Do

Here at Marshalls Metal Fabrication, based in Wincanton, Somerset we offer a wide range of metal work and welding services, as you will see below, we specialize in almost all formats of mild steel fabrications, designing and creating bespoke ironmongery, such as gates, balconies, railings and staircases uniquely made and fit for purpose.

Our welding and fabrication services, in the metal construction industry, are built upon a wealth of experience working with structural steel, combining nearly 50 years between us, there is no challenge too big or too small that Marshalls Metal Fabrication wont confidently undertake, constructing small industrial units, agricultural barns, bridges to single beam sections and lintels for home renovations, we have a flat bed truck to haul large structures and beams. Marshalls Metal Fabrication offer delivery and installation of all the work we do, along with our van aka our mobile workshop which is kitted out with a vast array of tools, to cater for almost any unforeseen scenarios whilst out and about on jobs. For example we carry two welders for any kind of onsite mobile welding, oxygen and acetylene cutting equipment for potential demolition work, and as many power tools as we can carry to assist us even further in making sure each metal work job is done to the best of our abilities.

Marshalls Metal Fabrication have taken the mobile workshop across the country doing agricultural repairs, structural work on building sites, renovation work and large scale loft conversions in London. We will travel far and wide to uphold our good working reputation within the metal fabrication and construction industry.

Locally we do a lot of light structural steel work and maintenance for the recycling industry which is run by Somerset Waste Partnership, by supplying our welding services for various steel work on most, if not all of their recycling centers across the county.

Other steel work aspects, that Marshalls Metal Fabrication offer, are the complete refurbishment of very old and corroded iron gates, big or small, we specialize in old metal framed window restoration. These are just a number of the types of metal work services we can offer so please don't hesitate to contact us for anything you may need and we will provide advice, opinions and also free quotations on all enquiries.

Marshalls Metal Fabrication welcome 'walk in' jobs even if all you need is your lawn mower blades sharpening.. No steel work job is too small.

We have just been awarded our SCCS certification  


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